Time Line Therapy


Do you have troubling thoughts from the past? You know, those memories which keep revisiting your thoughts almost everyday. Sometimes those thoughts are almost debilitating, standing in the way of reaching our dreams and goals. If you understood what is Time Line Therapy® you would have a weapon to take control of these thoughts, and switch them into powerful aids in achieving your dreams. Does it sound almost impossible?

We have all heard of hypnosis, but most times it becomes associated with only two things. The first is the entertainment hypnotist who places people under his spell and then has them doing all kinds of outlandish actions and stunts while under the power of his suggestions. The second form most of us have heard about is hypnosis to help with habits. Time Line Therapy® is another form of advanced usage of hypnosis which can make major changes to the quality of your life.

Do you have certain events in your life which have caused you to have serious questions about confidence and self-worth? Using Time Line Therapy® through hypnosis, the therapist steps you back to this event in your life. You begin reliving the event, but this time you are guided through the event, using your own choices, and the guidance of the therapist to re-write the memory into a positive experience. This may sound a bit outlandish, but let us take a little closer look.

If you had one of those experiences where you failed in school or sports, and a parent stood over you yelling how you were good for nothing, that you always let them down, and you would never amount to anything, it could change your self perception for your entire life. What if you could relive this moment, and take control of the situation. What if you stood up while reliving the moment, looked right in their eyes, and simply said, “One failure does not determine my life, I am going to live large, fail often to learn, but continue to chase my dreams until I find success, because I am a successful person.” There is no need to battle your memories, to constantly seek to overcome them, when you can work to change them.

What is Time Line Therapy’s chance of success for you? It is really hard to determine without a consultation with a trained therapist. They can evaluate your ability to enter into a hypnotic state, evaluate your needs, and give you the proper advice. The important thing to keep in mind is your troubling thoughts from the past do not need to determine your future. They are your memories, and they can be changed to empower your future.

Do other forms of therapy agree with this theory? Almost every form of psychological therapy has at its core the desire to modify your patterns of thoughts, your relationship to past habits and memories, and to help you change behavior. This is exactly what time line therapy does, but on an accelerated path with the power of hypnosis.

What is time line therapy’s acceptance by other therapists? This varies from therapist to therapist, some therapist claim hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® can be of great benefit, and others are complete disbelievers. These disbelievers will then turn around, dredge up your bad thoughts once again, and ask you to change. Which would you rather do, continue reliving the past, or change the memory to suit your needs? The choice is yours.