Crystal Healing


Did you know that there is the possibility that gems and crystals have innate healing capabilities? Crystal healing is an alternative medicine practice that is based on the theory that various gems and crystals have healing powers that can be used to physically affect the body. The theory also relies on the use of chakras, where the crystals and gems can be placed to maximize healing energy and help relieve certain symptoms or provide certain benefits. This theory has been around since ancient times, as there is evidence that Hopi Indians in Arizona and Native Hawaiian Islanders believed in this theory. Today, it is in practice all around the world, notably in Asia.

There is a perceived therapeutic effect to nearly all gemstones, both rare and common. Everything from emerald to jade to diamond to sapphire have different affects attributed to them. People generally first choose a stone that has the effect that they are looking for. They then wear it around their neck during the day and place it near them while they sleep. Over time, proponents say that the effect of the gem will start showing through the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

There are many gems that are selected for physical healing. Mahogany Obsidian is said to be helpful with healing of the mouth, and aventurine is said to help clear congestion, and increase circulation. If you are suffering from back or neck pain, citrine could help stretch and relax your muscles and joints. For severe illnesses, it is recommended to have emerald and frosted quartz nearby while undergoing other treatments.

Aside from the physical aspect, there are many gems in crystal healing that used to help overcome emotional difficulties and conflicts. For example, jade is believed to help people relax, while purple fluorite is helpful for assistance in accepting change. Malachite is supposed to help one feel harmonious with surroundings, while black onyx can help someone overcome bad habits. For those who need to feel loved, the fresh water pearl helps improve self esteem and to recognize love when it is present. Poppy jasper is used to improve general mood. If you need to think clearly and get bad thoughts out of your head, sapphire just might do the trick.

There are also gems that are used in crystal healing for spiritual improvement. Sunstone is believed to help improve meditation, while amethyst is known for its general spiritual uplifting. A variant, cape amethyst, helps align spiritual and emotional well being. Chryoprase provides spiritual protection from negative influences, while malachite is used to generate an inner harmony and spiritual peace.

Crystal healing is a great complimentary therapy that works very well for some people, and not as well for others. The gemstones may work differently for different people as well, so it’s something that you have to experiment with before it works. But if you do find the right match, you can easily improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health by keeping that gem with you wherever you go.