Core Energetics


Core energetics is a process that is designed to help people heal from the inside out, using all aspects of one’s body, spirit, and mind. It is based off of the research of great names like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, and Eva Pierrakos. The theory is also based off of ancient ideas such as charka and human energy theory. It has been in development for over 20 years now, and there is an institute with centers for research, training, and therapy located in New York and California. It has recently spread internationally to Mexico and Europe as well.

Those who practice this therapy get a degree and training from the Core Energetics Institute. They learn a mix of traditional medicine and modern medicine, as well as theory that comes from the core energetics therapy. The rigorous training that they undergo allows them to help their patients break through various barriers that they have built up to reach holistic healing.

Core energetics is not purely a physical or mental therapy, as it works heavily with both psychology and spirituality. Clients are encouraged to integrate their emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health into the healing, as it is believed that one cannot be truly whole without healing in all of these aspects.

Those going through core energetics therapy will use activities such as kicking and punching to help deal with inner conflicts. They will also hold certain positions and connect healing statements with specific movements. Over time and with repetition, this can bring healing to the body, mind, and soul.

Core energetics does focus on the physical body, but it focuses on much more beyond that as well. It places weight on the feelings and emotions as well as the mind and its thoughts. It places a good deal of focus on y our will, as well as your spirit. This theory proposes that modern therapies are not as effective because they try and categorize the person into many different parts, rather than treating the person as a whole, as one singular unit.

Core energetics also proposes that when we do not show our pain to those around us, the pain builds up inside and becomes a layer that we hide behind. This pain, even if it is purely psychological, can begin to have physical effects over time. The therapy will work to help people express that pain and let go of it, so that then the body can let go of the pain as well. The patient is then able to truly relax; this can be quite a transformative experience. People who have experienced it attest that it truly does help one feel better in all the main aspects of human well being.

Although core energetics is an alternative form of therapy, there are many signposts that point to its effectiveness. If traditional therapy has not proved effective for you, it could be that you require a deeper, more holistic healing; perhaps the type of healing that you will find with core energetics.