If you aren’t familiar with many alternative healing methods, you are probably wondering what the Buteyko method is. The Buteyko method is an alternative healing practice used to treat asthma. It was discovered in the 1960’s and has been perfected since then. Although its effectiveness was doubted at first, there have been numerous trials that have scientifically shown that it is a safe and effective way of reducing asthma symptoms.

The method is not one that can be learned quickly – in fact, it takes weeks or even months of learning and practice to master it. However, once the method has been mastered, it comes instinctively and is generally a lifelong skill. The technique is a method that focuses on reducing breathing, breathing through the nose, as well as holding of breath followed by relaxation.

Clients of the Buteyko method will first be taught to lower their breathing rate and breathing volume. When they are able to comfortably breathe less after exhaling, and hold their breath longer, it will allow them to better handle asthma, and symptoms in general tend to decrease over time.

It is generally believed that nasal breathing is healthier than oral breathing, and that belief is carried over into the Buteyko method’s teachings. By training asthmatics to breathe through their nose by instinct, they will then have healthier breathing during exercise as well as sleep. Those who used nasal breathing during exercise were less likely to suffer from an asthma attack, and could reach much higher intensities than those breathing through their mouths as well.

The third stage of the method is relaxation. This stage is good in many situations but is especially focused on recovering quickly from an asthma attack, perhaps even preventing it. Most who suffer from asthma attacks go into harsh over breathing that worsens the situation. Although the Buteyko method is not a replacement for a fast acting inhaler, it can reduce dependency on the inhaler and sometimes even keep its use from being necessary. If caught in the early stages, an asthma attack can be totally prevented just using this relaxation stage.

There are other conditions that can be treated by Buteyko in addition to asthma. Conditions such as Sleep Apnea, Sinusitis, Hyperventilation, Bronchitis, Insomnia, and even snoring can be treated by mastering this method. This method can be good to learn, even if you don’t currently suffer from any of the above conditions. First of all, as aforementioned, learning this method takes quite a while, perhaps even months. Knowing it ahead of time will be much help to you if you ever do start to suffer from one of these conditions . However, this technique can also help with common occurrences in life, such as panic and anxiety. By engaging in the relaxation stage, one can reduce anxiety and be more confident in all aspects of life. It is also believed that using this method on a regular basis is good for overall health as a preventative measure. Now you know what the Buteyko is; the question is, will you take the time to learn and master it?